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Commercial Products
Wireless Innovations offers a low cost family of cellular phone and wireless device detectors that are ideally suited for automatically detecting and locating wireless devices in facilities prohibiting the use of wireless devices.  The signal detectors offer unparalled capabilities in long range cellular phone detection for all cellular formats and push to talk radios with automatic reporting capability to a central location and include the Canary and Aardvark handheld signal detector and logger.

A low cost signal generator is also available for convenient field test of communication systems.  This unit has a frequency range from 30 MHz to 3000 MHz with a calibrate output power between -117 dBm and + 10 dBm.

Photo of new Arf miniature signal detector - may be used as "bubble" on Android phone

Welcome to Wireless Innovations Inc
Wireless Innovations specializes in providing tactical communications solutions in support of Electronic Warfare, IT security, and Geo Location requirements for the US government.  The technical solutions have also been applied to commercial applications resulting in low cost cellular detectors ideally suited for Detecting Cell Phones in Prisons and Detecting Cell Phone in use by Train Operators.  A low cost field test signal generator is also available as a Field Test Signal Generator  ideally suited for applications requiring a highly portable low cost solution for use as a general purpose signal generator and as a calibration/verification tool for DF systems.  Additionally, products are offered in the protection of the US and Canadian wireless infrastructure including Wi-Fi, cellular, PCS, etc.  for the commercial marketplace.  
The focus of Wireless Innovations is to provide truly cost effective innovative solutions through the utilization of strategic alliances and value enhancing manufacturing techniques.  The organization is composed of three business segments:  Commercial Wireless Products,  Government Products and Integrated Systems, and Engineering/Product Development and Business Development Services.  

Government Products
Our specialties include providing cost effective integrated solutions to the US government and law enforcement agencies for tactical operations. Product offerings include a variety of Electronic Warfare and Geo Location products and sensors as part of the Electronic Warfare Integrated network.  These products span a wide range of formats including GSM, CDMA, IDEN, LTE, WiMAX, WiFi, and Bluetooth.   Wireless Innovations is happy to announce a major advancement in cellular detection technology - the CanaryThe Canary offers a true cost effective solution for the detection and characterization of wireless devices. Priced at a fraction of other detectors this miniature detector uses the latest state of th
e art technology to provide capabilities only available in far larger and more costly products.  The Canary provides the law enforcement officer and corrections personnel a truly covert tool that can be operated while in a shirt pocket with the ability to detect wireless signals including the latest cellular formats, Wi-Fi/bluetooth, and push to talk radios.  The Canary capabilities may be dramatically enhanced with the addition of a Smart Antenna with integrated electronics supporting the ability to monitor any of six frequency bands and 30dB of attenuation that may be switched in steps of 10 dB to reduce the detection range for close in operations.  It also includes a USB and serial port of integration as an OEM product with third party sensor systems.An enhanced TSCM version of the Canary called the Arf and is available with the ability to scan 10 separate frequency bands with integrated storage of 500 MB for logging.  Please give us a call for details.  It weighs less than 2 ounces and may be integrated into a "bubble" with an Android phone.  It is also available with power and data over ethernet as a board level integrated solution for a variety of applications requiring networking capability and automatic reporting. Please contact us for information on patent pending precision geolocation software for in - building and UAV deployment.
Professional Services
Professional services are available in support of most areas of RF and MW technology with special expertise in product miniaturization, system integration, and quick reaction development (QRC).  Personnel resources also extend into business  development, market analysis, technology transfer to/from the commercial and DOD market segments, and product management with cutting edge technology.  The design team has significant design, manufacturing, and quick reaction capability (QRC) in RF and MW design of receivers, synthesizers, antennas, up/down converters, and other products supporting Electronic Warfare and communications systems integration and product development.  Significant expertise is also available in the support of operational requirements and development of "field friendly" products and systems for tactical deployment.