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Wide Band Linear Amplifiers

The Eagle PA-5 and Big Crow PA-25 are wide band linear amplifiers capable of operation with a wide variety of manufacturer’s equipment for transmit and receive applications.  The unit utilizes a proprietary technique to provide high gain, highly linear output that is especially well suited for use with IDEN, GSM, CDMA, and UMTS systems from a variety of companies.  The amplifier has also been optimized to be effectively utilized with the IDEN signal set, which requires special capabilities to operate efficiently with the QAM modulation scheme in a “multi tone” environment.  It also has the added flexibility of providing additional power for WiFi, Bluetooth, and other signals in the 700-2600 MHz frequency range. 

The unit ships in a Pelican case including a high gain directional antenna and a wide band discone antenna for omni directional applications.  Additional antennas may be supplied to optimize use with push to talk radios and other signals in frequency ranges below the standard cellular frequencies.

This power amplifier offers significant advantages over other amplifiers that are available because of its unique design providing a wideband linear response.  This allows for utilization in either European or US cellular frequency sets, ability to use with multiple formats and multiple manufactures reducing inventory and equipment requirements for tactical deployments.  Tactical operations may be optimized by using the smaller Eagle PA-5 unit providing 5 watts output power coupled with the supplied 6 dB directional antenna to provide the same effective standoff distance as the Big Crow 25 watt amplifier.
  • 700 MHz - 2600 MHz frequency range (depends on options and version)
  • Provides Rx/Tx rejection of over 55 dB for improved transmit signal quality and receiver sensitivity
  • Full output power protection from short/open circuits
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • Wide input range
  • Maintains highly linear output power
  • LED indicators for transmit confirmation and fault conditions
  • Two versions: 5 watt and 25 watt
  • Provided in rugged pelican transit case with wide band discone antenna (omni) and high gain directional antenna