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March 22, 2013  Wireless Innovations introduces three new products and systems:
The new Microwave Arf is here.  The Microwave Arf provides the same revolutionary price performance in the same miniature package but with frequency coverage from 0-10 GHz.
The frequency range of the SG-3000 signal generator has now been extended to10 GHz with power output over the entire range available at both 0 dBm and now up to 1 watt.  Contact us for specifications.
Wireless innovations introduces an ultra low cost attenuation measurement system using the Arf signal detector family and SG-3000 signal generator famly.  Please contact us for details.
February 17, 2013  Wireless Innovations will be announcing plans for international sales with several partners supporting Europe and South/Central America.  Stay tuned!
February 8, 2013  Wireless Innovations introduces the revolutionary new Arf Signal Detector.  The Arf provides the ability to scan, collect, and log all cell phone activity on up to 10 frequency bands in a subminiature 2 ounce package that can fit on a "bubble"case attached to an Android phone.  The Arf usaes the GPS contained in the cell phone as well as the cellular data link forautomatic reporting.  The Arf is available in a number of versions including at the board level, with power and data over ethernet, and with custom filters.

Arf board                                                  Arf Package        
January 20, 2013  Wireless Innovations will be participating in the SOCOM Tactical Network Testbed (TNT) at Avon Park, FL March 4-6, 2013.  The testing will be conducted on a miniature multi function networked sensor suite that will be ready for deployment in the near future.
May 7, 2012   Wireless Innovations Inc is pleased to announce that Scientific Research Corporation (SRC) is an authorized reseller of Wireless Innovations products. 
SRC currently holds three US government contract vehicles for procurement of products and services for the US government through SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic:
Please contact SRC at www.srcres.com for details.