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Government Products
Wireless Innovations offers a variety of signals detectors, beacons, wide band amplifiers, and DF/Geo location systems.  Please click on the following links for information:

Wireless Innovations also offers a variety of tactical wireless Electronic Warfare products and systems addressing formats such as GSM, UMTS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.  
Wireless Innovations has also introduced a family of unattended ground sensors (UGS) that expand the "Aardvark" family capabilities.  Additional capabilities that are available include integrated accelerometers and magnetometers, video cameras, high speed self healing mesh networks, specialized form factors, and the ability to integrate with other specialized sensors. 
Please contact us for specific details for any of these products.  
Specialized Services
Wireless Innovations and it's partners have over over 200 years of communications and Electronic Warfare systems design, operations, and system integration experience.  Specialized expertise is available in the development and integration of payloads for small UAV's, airborne, vehicular, and man pack deployment.  Hardware design experience includes receivers, synthesizers, transmitters, amplifiers, distribution systems, and antennas.  Software experience includes Linux, Windows, RTOS, JAVA, C, C++, Visual Basic, and Palm OS.