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SG-3000 Field Test Signal Generator/Beacon

The SG-3000  Field Signal Generator is a low cost miniature signal generator optimized for field testing. Using a circuit topology not requiring a transformer, the SG-3000 can provide a signal from -117 dBm to +10 dBm  continuous output over a 30-3000 MHz multi-decade frequency span. Lack of the need for traditional hybrid transformer matching networks greatly reduces factory material and labor costs, as well as shrinking the physical size of the amplifier.

 A state-of-the-art frequency synthesizer generates the desired frequency in 1 KHz steps under control of a numeric keypad and LCD control screen. AM, FM, and noise modulation is digitally generated by the internal controller. Programmable functions include frequency, modulation, RF power and RF enable, plus delay timer operation.

Power is provided by a 9 volt Lithium battery, and converted to the required operating voltages by miniature, high-efficiency switching power supplies. Additional optionsfor battery cases are available to extend the operating life of the batteries for continuous field operation to 4 hours with AA batteries, and up to 14 hours with C batteries with the large battery bay.

A provided broadband monopole antenna provides 700-2700 MHz coverage. Alternatively, the SMA output connector allows use with a variety of external antennas.