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Distributed DF & Geolocation Systems

Wireless Innovations offers a variety of systems that perform direction finding and geolocation of wireless signals over a variety of formats.  We are pleased to introduce the new Wrist Band DF system offering "body worn" direction finding at an ultra low cost. the Bird Dog Lite is a vehicle mounted wideband distributed DF/geolocation system that utilizes TDOA and FDOA algorithms to accurately determine location of selected emitters. 
Wrist Band Model DF-400 DF System
The Wrist Band DF miniature VHF/UHF DF system that may be body worn or inconspicuously mounted on a platform.  The system utilizes a classical 4 element pseudo-Doppler DF antenna array and processor, and operates in conjunction with a user-provided receiver’s audio output.  Some of the features of this system include the following:                                                                                       

·           4-element pseudo-Doppler system

·         Miniature body-wearable active antennas                                                                                                                  DF Multicolor Display

·         Unique radial histogram statistical DF

·         Active LED display with dimming

·         Miniature display can be wrist worn

·         VHF/UHF operation

·         Usable with any FM receiver

Bird Dog
Please contact us for details on the Bird Dog miniature DF system.