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Micro Chirper Miniature Reconfigurable Data Link Radio
The Micro Chirper provides unprecedented capability in providing covert wireless mesh network connectivity for unattended ground sensors at an extremely low price.  The radios provides a spread spectrum hopping transceiver with the ability to transmit over a programmable frequency range from 30 MHz to 5 GHz.  The system includes built in 1024 node mesh capability, The microcontroller operates in conjunction with a very low power, miniature, SPI-bus real time clock that may be used for other sensor applications.  This may be used to schedule event, frequency changes,etc.  The microcontroller can control the sleep mode of the transceiver, sensors, translator, and microcontroller itself.  The Micro Chirper is available in two version; a low speed version capable of transmission of up to 100 Kb/s and a version supporting up to 500 Kb/s.
Some of the attributes include:
  • Very low cost
  • point-point, point-multipoint, peer-peer, and store forward
  • Wide programming range - 30 MHz to 5 GHz
  • Utilizes COTS spread spectrum hopping transceiver
  • Small and light weight - less than 1 cubic inch, 2 ounces
  • Low power consumption with excellent power management - less than 750 mw for transmit, 400 mw for receive
  • Extremely flexible programming - with PDA, smart phone, laptop with micro-USB, tailorable serial port, or miniature switches

Chirper Programmable 802.11g Frequency Translator
The Chirper is a programmable frequency translator with exceptional linearity allowing it to work with any waveform(hopped or non hopped) and provide wide bandwidth connectivity for a continuous wide range of frequencies up to 6.8 GHz.   The Chirper accepts a standard 802.11g nominal 100 MHz band and translates it up or down in frequency according to user settable commands. The standard translator requires no T/R switching.  Should an additional LNA or power amplifier be required, at the transmit signal from the Wi-Fi mode may be used to drive a COTS T/R switch.
Some of the basic attributes include:
  • Small and light weight - less than 8ounces, less than 15 cubic inches
  • Low power consumption -400 mw
  • Exceptional linearity allows it to work with any waveform
  • Wide programming range - up to 6.8 GHz
  • Extremely flexible programming - with PDA, smart phone, laptop with micro-USB, tailorable serial port, or miniature switches
Parrot Tunable Repeater
The Parrot is modular repeater system designed for miniature, light weight tactical applications. The parrot functions as a linear transponder with no demodulation, and as such, works equally well with all waveforms.  The standard Parrot works over the 30 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range.  Each module is approximately 4' X 8" X .75", with a basic repeater consisting of four modules (input translator, IF module, output translator, IF module).  Each translator includes multiple serial output ports for filter and accessory control.  A system may be controlled by ethernet or USB ports and operates from 10-30 VDC.  A separate remote data link may be used to control the repeater.
Some of the applications that the Parrot is ideally suited for includes:
  • A payload on small UAVs
  • Hand emplaced on hilltops, buildings
  • Integrated into larger systems
  • SIGINT SOI crossband  relay
  • Pseudo-satellite transponder on a high altitude balloon
  • Use in vehicles, larger aircraft