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Communication Products

Wireless Innovations offers the Parrot, a modular programmable repeater system that is ideal for applications requiring a miniature light weight product.  The Parrot functions as a linear transponder with no demodulation, allowing it to work with all waveforms.

Frequency Translators

The Chirper is a frequency programmable frequency translator designed to work with any waveform and COTS transceivers to provide transmission over a wide frequency range allowing it to optimize bandwidth and reliability by operation in more favorable frequency ranges removed from interference from other signals.  The Chirper is ideally suited for use with 802.11g in providing100 MHz bandwidth to transmit high resolution video.
The Micro Chirper is a miniature low cost reconfigurable data link radio using a COTS spread spectrum transceiver and the miniature translator.  It is ideally suited for unattended ground sensors and in interference prone environments with the ability to translate the frequency of transmission over a 30 MHz to 5 GHz range.  It may be programmed through a PDA, smart phone, or computer through Micro-USB, tailorable serial port, or with miniature switches.