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Wireless Innovations is please to announce the new Aardvark family of low cost cellular phone and signal detector.  These new detectors utilizes new innovative technology allowing Wireless Innovations to provide the ability to automatically detect, locate and illegal cellular phones for a fraction of the cost of current system offerings. 

The Aardvark may be offered at the board level offering the ability to detect a wireless device and send an alarm through a wireless data link to a central facility.  It also logs all activity with time stamps and location of the transmission.  The unit has exceptional sensitivity and provides for the ability to eliminate most false alarms from nearby cell towers, push to talk radios, and microwave ovens with customized filtering.
The Canary is an ultra low cost signal detector that is small enough to fit on a key chain and may be configured for monitoring up to 24 separate frequency ranges by the simple insertion of a miniature board with the desired frequency range.  A smart antenna is also available as an accessory providing the ability to perform direction finding and the ability to switch between six frequency bands.  A threshold level may be set setting off a vibrator alert upon the detection of a signal above the signal threshold.  An audio output is also available providing an audio output proportional to signal strength as well as allowing the operator to actually determine the signal format by listening to the "unique song" of each type of wireless transmission. 

The Canary cell detector with Smart Antenna.  The smart antenna is designed for location of signals above 700 MHz and includes the ability to switch between six frequency bands.  The smart antenna also includes a step attenuator to change the range of detection of a wireless signal.  A much smaller smart antenna is available for higher frequency operation to locate signals above the 1500 MHz band.  Additional antenna configurations are available for use in the UHF bands for location of ICON and push to tak radios.   Another alternative for locating a signal is the Wrist Band miniature DF system.  The wristband DF system offers a miniature sensor processor with display that may be mounted on the wrist.  It may be configured for a variety of frequency ranges and with a body worn antenna that is 'tuned" to the frequency band of interest.  A picture of the DF display and body worn antenna is shown below.
Each of 36 radials (corresponding to 10 degree increments) has five LEDs of different colors.           Body Worn antenna for 136 MHz - 174 MHz frequency range
The five LEDs in each radial represent a bar graph of the number of DF readings that were                          
taken for that direction radial.  The Doppler array is electronically “rotating” 500
revolutions/second, hence the DF processor records 500 bearings/second.  Those bearings
are summed by radial and scaled  to the largest value.
The standard Aardvark is configured in a hand held rugged plastic container providing the ability to detect the transmission in a predetermined frequency band and typically determine the cellular format and carrier.  It also provides the ability to configure up to 24 independent frequency bands and set independent thresholds for each bands.  Whenever a signal exceeds the threshold it sends an alarm with signal strength, location and the frequency band of transmission. It is available in a handheld version as well as an unattended version without a display or controls.
A Wireless Base station is available to connect to handheld smart phones and PCs to facilitate wireless communication with all signal detectors.  The Wireless Base station standard configuration facilitates transmission rates to 100 Kb/s to distances up to 300 meters.  An easy to use GUI provides the ability to have fully automatic reporting and "one button" operation while also allowing for other personnel to drill down and perform sophisticated analysis.
The SG-3000 low cost miniature signal generator is also available for use as a general purpose field test tool and calibration/verification tool as a beacon for direction finding systems. The SG-3000 provides an excellent low cost tool for testing of receivers and calibration of DF systems.  The unit offers similiar capability (and specifications)  as currently provided in signal generators costing three times as much and weighing over 10 times that of the SG-3000.

The Cellguard Wireless Sensor Network provides a convenient turnkey solution for monitoring of illegal cell phone activity in prisons, secure facilities.  It may also be integrated with other sensors such as video cameras, RFID tags, motion sensors, seismic sensors, etc as an unattended sensor with multiple sensor fusion for perimeter security, force protection, etc.