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Canary "Key Chain" Signal Detector
The Canary is an  ultra low cost miniature key chain signal detector with amazing flexibility and capability.  It is a high performance energy detector that may be used as a broadband detector for signal up to 6 GHz and customized with the rapid insertion of a micro miniature PC board tailoring it to look at any of 24 frequency bands that are available.  The unit has an audio output proportional to signal level, a programmable threshold setting off a vibrator alert for any signal detected above the threshold and specialized accessories transforming it into a direction finding system.  The accessories include a smart antenna customized for direction finding with the ability to select 6 frequency ranges and a programmable attenuator to narrow the detection range.  The unit offers exceptional sensitivity (typically 10 times better than other signal detectors) with the ability to detect all wireless formats.A serial interface is also available as an option to interface with other sensors.
Arf Signal Detector                         The Arf is the newest signal detector offering from Wireless Innovations and offers unpresedented
                                                          performance in a miniature package size weighing less than 2 ounces.   It offers an exceptionally
                                                          low false alarm rate through an automatic calibration routine an ultra high performance filters.  The 
                                                          Arf can scan 10 bands, has the ability to set individual thresholds and attenuation levels for each
                                                          band, and record signal strength with a precise time stamp for each detected signal and frequency
                                                          band on internal 500 MB memory.  It is also available as a "bubble" package attached to an
                                                          Android phone and use the Android GPS to log location and transmit data and alerts on the
                                                          cellular data network.  It also can utilize the patent pending "PDOA" algorithm to accurately
                                                          geolocate cell phones in conference rooms and facilities.

                                                                                   Arf in bubble package                                                         Arf board
Microwave Arf Signal Detector
The Microwave Arf Signal Detector takes the Arf Signal Detector and extends the frequency range to 10 GHz in the same miniature package.  This makes the unit ideal for field test of microwave up and down links for satellite terminals cellular tower communication links, microwave links and identifying potential interferring signals.
Aardvark Handheld Signal Detector

The Aardvark is a new generation. low cost, signal detector with the capability of detecting very low level signals throughout the 30 MHz to 3 GHz frequency band.  The product is ideal for detecting cellular phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, and locating them over long distances.  The Aardvark has distinct advantages over other signal detectors with a typical detection range exceeding 1000 feet (sensitivity better than -80 dBm), the ability to report remotely and be tied together in a self healing "mesh" network, and the ability to program selective frequency ranges to provide an alarm when a programmed threshold for any band is exceeded.  The unit also has special provisions to minimize false alarms generated from communication devices in close proximity to target frequency ranges.  The unit includes also is ideal for location of devices and includes an integrated directional antenna and is available in a hand held version with an LCD display and vibrator/audio alert or in an unattended version including unattended ground sensor versions for military usage.

The unit is ideally suited for TSCM applications, perimeter security, prisons & correctional institutions, and facilities that do not permit communication devices to be brought into the premises. 

Comparison of Frequency Coverage of Aardvark Versus Competition
The Aardvark standard configuration includes 22 frequency bands and space for two additional bands as options.  A number of additional bands are also available including a variety of low pass and high filters that may be cascaded together to form a wide bandpass or stop bands.  This can enhance out of band signal rejection greatly reducing false alarms from nearby cell towers and other sources of interference.
Wireless Innovations also offers specialized signal detectors for TSCM and prison applications.  Please contact us for details on this and the Arf room cellular and wireless detector.
Wireless Base station
The Wireless Base station connects directly to a PC or hand held smart phone to provide the ability to remotely monitor  and control Aardvark signal detectors from a remote location.  The Interrogator handles data rates up to 100 kb/s and distances up to 1000 feet with the high power data link.  The interrogator may also be used as a repeater to extend distance.  A user friendly GUI facilitates easy programming and control with both the hand held unit and units that are used as fully unattended sensors.