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Wireless Innovations specializes in providing innovative antenna solutions for a variety of applications.  Several antennas are highlighted and are available as accessories to the Aardvark, Canary and Wristband DF system.  A sampling of some other specialized antennas that were recently developed are highlighted below.
Helmet Mounted UHF SATCOM Antenna
The helmet mounted UHF SATCOM antenna provides far improved UHF communications capability for the foot soldier.  The antenna compensates for the change in elevation angle to produce an equi-strength signal at all elevation angles from a geostationary satellite.  The four element design offers right-hand circular polarization to maximize gain from the satellite transponder.  The unique design, descended from a NASA telemetry antenna design for the old Landsat system has it's maximum gain toward the horizon.  This corresponds to a zero elevation angle required for such locations as Afghanastan and other Southwest Asia locations. 
The antenna weighs about 3 ounces and is made of transparent plastic making it very low profile.  It is designed to be compatible with the standard issue Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) and may be adapted to work with other headgear.  The antenna may be installed to any size ACH within 60 seconds and removed within 10 seconds without tools.  The antenna also may be painted or otherwise concealed.
A typical antenna pattern is illustrated below:


Low Profile Vehicular UHF SATCOM Antenna
This antenna provides the ability to maintain UHF SATCOM communications while traveling in a vehicle while being very low profile.  The antenna is quickly deployed and hangs from the top edge of a side window or attached to the windshield with a suction cup.  The antenna folds flat in seconds and is easily transportable with a weight of under 2 pounds.  The antenna provides approximately 70 degrees of beam width with three elements allowing for reliable communications even when turning the vehicle.  The antenna may also be used for field operations because of it's extremely low profile.
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