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Wireless Innovations is a small high technology business headquartered in Columbia, MD focused on providing innovative cost effective solutions for the commercial security market and products and systems in support of the US war fighter. The product and systems development strategy centers around the fusing of innovative technologies developed by team members that are well suited for integration into seamless, low cost , and scalable solution sets.  Wireless Innovations offers a complete set of low cost cellular and wireless signal detectors that may be integrated into the Integrated Wireless Sensor Network.  This solution provides the ability to detect usage of a cellular phone or wireless device in a "cell phone denied" environment, send an alert to security personnel, and determine the location of the target cellular phone or wireless device.

The Integrated Wireless sensor network also provides the ability to integrate other sensors including a specialized high performance Distributed DF and Geo Location system, specialized Electronic Warfare hardware and software integrated into a secure version of the Integrated Wireless Sensor Network for the US government.

Integrated Wireless Sensor Network Architecture

The diagram to the left illustrates integration of a variety of sensors to detect and precisely locate emitters over a wide frequency range.  The architecture is fully scalable and facilitates geo location of a number of wireless formats as well as integration into fixed, mobile, and airborne assets.  Specialized sensors and capabilities are also available to US law enforcement and government agencies.  This includes unique sensors developed by Wireless Innovations and specialized Electronic Warfare hardware from 3rd parties.